Friday, August 04, 2006

Spring has sprung, clocks go forward...

Talking about the weather, we have rain again. Spring is here, it arrived on the 21st of March, yet rain and rain again. This poem is about the Springtime where I live, giving the reader a sense of this place--hopefully.

Holding the moments of creation's good
by Peter Menkin

The season has changed
coming to this small town
in the west, California.
The shadow of the mountain
a sleeping Indian princess lies

there in Tamalpias,
as buds show;
Spring has come, colors
awaken. Our bodies rest
with the pleasantry of aroused
knowledge this earth is good.

Ancient elements of mankind
beckon from the blood and sinews,
a memory that this was a promise
of earth, receiving us with splendor.

In the distance, among hills,
fog rolls over the tops,
and for a while in this world
of strife and evils of war
there is the knowledge
creation is with us, good.

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