Friday, August 04, 2006

Last poem of Easter, a return to the first of Easter...

This simpler poem tells of Easter Vigil, at this end of the Easter Season, after the Ascension, a return to the beginnings of the Easter of this year. Now five years old, I rediscovered this older poem on my computer from 2001. Originally posted on the Atlantic Monthly Writer's Workshop website, it appears here unchanged from that original post. It seems it was a good poem from the start. I hope you like it.

Thursday's vigil, night time
by Peter Menkin - Apr 13, 2001

We await
in vigil
a mysterypromise.
A surprise
of one in three,
eternityopens its gates.
The cross,
the tomb,
sorrow allows
ecstacyof kindness

for He is not
here, the angel
tells. Easter word.
We stretch our
arms out to you.

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