Friday, August 04, 2006

Short poem reflecting on The Rule for Summertime: "I Desire to See Good Days"...

This poem is a reflection of my living by The Rule of St. Benedict. A brief statement in poetry, this revision from the Writer's Workshop on The Atlantic is improved from its original, yet remains to state how much I like the promise of seeking and living a life in God.
Today I visited acquaintances and friends at All Souls church in Berkeley, where we talked at lunchtime about our experiences with God, and the promise of a better life that our lives are offered.

The night before, I listened to a CD produced by Cowley Publications titled, "Guard Us Sleeping." Besides Compline, there were songs for the night and plainsong hymns of the seven seasons. I was comforted by the monks of the Society of Saint John of the Evangelist, and brought to a sense of reverence for and presence of Christ. Their website: .
I purchased the CD at a good price through . Here is the location on the internet at Amazon to purchase or read about "Guard Us Sleeping." .

As you can see, I am putting internet sites in my journal, trying to be up to date with others by providing links.

Here is the poem of mine titled, "I Desire to See Good Days." It reflects on The Rule of St. Benedict, and I think is a good poem for Pentecost and Summertime.

I Desire to See Good Days
by Peter Menkin

The sunlight, the hallowed
event of everyday living.
Reminder of Christ
around us, before us, above us.
Peace, I seek the Lord's love.
Set out on this
to see him
who calls.

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