Friday, August 04, 2006

Communion with God and others through Eucharist...a continuation of the series on communion...

My web page has many of my poems, and this one titled "The Journey of Communion" is from those pages. About my previous post of May 11, a friend says, "Communion is not really about either the giver or the receiver. It is about receiving the whole person of Jesus: Body, Soul, Mind and Spirit. And in receiving Jesus, we become more like Him, both individually and corporately. It is never just a 'Me and Jesus thing.' " In thinking about her comment, I wanted to post something about communion again, and so this one.

Regarding that May 11 post about communion, I revised the previous post to better reflect her thoughts. When revising it, I borrowed from her words, including these: "I know and am known by God, with others." I thought her criticism did reveal a more full and better statement about communion, and included those words. I hope it's legal to borrow some words for ones poem from a friend or from a criticism. That poem to which I refer is titled, "Communion with a Bishop." It seems that this older poem, posted here, is a continuation of a statement about communion. So I call the subject of this post today, "Communion with God and others through Eucharist...a continuation of the series on communion..."

This is the address for my website:

The journey of communion...(2002)
by Peter Menkin

Is it fair
for Church to be so sorrowful?
And joyful, too, the same at one.

We sang Hymn 204,
"Love is come again
like wheat that springeth green.
"Sweetness and joy meet.
We share our lives, their fabric

weaves us in God.
Is this an adventure, I yearn
for love--died.

"Now the green blade riseth..."
We are bound together
in our mortality.
My soul.

The sharing of bread and wine
began earlier in the day and went
on in journey.

In our awakening to the Sunday
when in sunlight the shadow
of myself appeared on a tree
from my deck.

I knew I am
this day to take communionso said
"O ye works of the Lord,
bless ye the Lord."

After communionI sing
"love lives again"
minutes previous wondered, thought and prayed
on my knees.
We must begin again.

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