Friday, August 04, 2006

We go on in spirit with the journey with Christ this Easter...a blessing of the Spirit...

I have been thinking about Easter, and at Church we have been talking about the risen Christ. This poem posted here was not written in Easter, but afterward in May of some years ago. I liked how it talked of journeying on with each other in Christ. So it seems also to fit the theme of the Gospel this day that is about Thomas and the risen Christ coming to visit the disciples in a room.

Renewing on the journey
by Peter Menkin --May 16, 2001

Omega, birth with Paschal
blessings into the Spirit
that is renewing me, how
alert one comes to the body

mystical. Drawn one is;
we are pilgrim
travelers on journey for
the everlasting strivings. Live

the cross; to know and meet
the cross and embrace the travails
with desire in the Omega that
is I Am. Enlarged in an exclamation:
surprise, and my springs
of blood in marrow of bone
are enlisted with birth's
great divine entry;

You are surprise.

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Another note about the word "apperception" from the new poem on Easter posted previously. I want to apologize for being so sloppy in defining the word. Something not well done in the previous post. Here is a better definition.

1 : introspective self-consciousness
2 : mental perception; especially : the process of understanding something perceived in terms of previous experience.

I chose to go with the second definition, thinking I didn't like the first for introspective self-consciousness was not what I meant. "Apperception" is a new word to me.

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