Friday, August 18, 2006

Notes from a Study House; Climate to Receive...a poem...

Every four days I post something on this blog, mostly a poem with notes. This poem is some five years old, hardly revised from the first writing. Sometimes it goes like that with poems. One workshop site I have offered poems on for criticism noted that a poet with five good poems in a lifetime has done well. I like to think this would be one of mine.

You can find this same poem on my website: .

Notes from a Study House in March (2001)
By Peter Menkin

The vine,virginal place within
gateway to God
Christ abiding.

The master speaks
of singing us forward
within the paradox of intimacy.
To come back
to mercy and pardon;

again like the prodigal son.
The progressive revelation
of theology: God loves us
in invitations
for a climate to receive
in trust.

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