Friday, August 04, 2006

Poem about Communion: Another one that reflects the experience...

It appears that I have a number of poems on the Communion experience. This one is like a prayer. I hope you like it. My experience with Communion has been a refreshing one. I have included a poem by the Episcopal Priest John B. Coburn. It is also a poem like a prayer. I post it here to provide a flavor for prayer and poetry.

Hospitality of Communion...( 2001)
By Peter Menkin

In the poverty that lies of my sorrow,
I asked with the bended
knee of my heartfor gifts as Solomon
did when he asked of You
Wisdom day, I want to know

this rhythm living
with You.
Some wonderfully enter
into spectacular celebration

on Sundays that is a feast,
and I am waiting
to know some of this incredible
Word: let my prayer rise like

a sweet savor,
incense that is happiness.
Discovery, you are the Vine,
and there is such celebration!

I called out in the Church,
Reveal Yourself, O my God!
I am needy and seek You.

In the quiet part of day,
towards sunset,
hear me.

My sorrow brings
me a lowly heart. MayI know this lowly heart
in your poverty.
I have met Youin others.
They invite me
with an ache. Heart. Mine.
Give me
Accept me.

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In Weakness, Strength
by John B. Coburn, (1914- )

Take my weakness, God.
my failures,
my sins,
my dishonesties,
lies, pride, and lusts.

God knows--you know--
I can't do anything with them.

So, for Christ's sake, take them.

And give me, I pray you,
not so much a clean spirit,
nor a pure heart,
nor a sense of forgiveness
give me
a sense of you,
of you in me
and I in you.

Then shall I be strong
to be
for you.
Simply to be.

From page 408, the book, "Give Us Grace: An Anthology of Anglican Prayers" compiled by Christopher L. Webber. Reviewed by me on at: .

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