Friday, August 04, 2006

Baby baptized in the church: witness

People post all kinds of personal things on the web. When writing something, even a poem, it is better not to be too personal. Afterall, what is written about becomes something of a story. So it is with this poem about a baptism at the Church I attended. This is a revised version from the original, written in 2000 from when the baptism occurred. I hope you like it.

Baptism: a Witness
by Peter Menkin

Silver sea shell: he pours
[the baby waits, spirit come]
water dearly upon head
[what stirs here now]

and brow of annointed
[gentle stroke finger signs]
child held in white lace.
[fabric hung as treasure shroud]

the congregation with all
[on his body, wonderful ceremony]
the children in attendance.
[sustained with the spirit]t

o greet with awe the new
[a prize of gold, shining cross]
arrival amid awakenings
[panaroma in light waiting]

to promises in vows uplifting.
[all say we will, renounce evil]
towards love's hand,
[the baby is sealed]

held forever ours and mine.
[infant cradled, this dear time]
"I hear the sound of angel's
wings," comes Christening
for you are His forever ours.

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