Friday, August 04, 2006

Colored streamers move in the wind: a poem

This may be more a series of notes and reflections, a journal entry, more than a poem. It is about the colored streamers representing the Holy Spirit that I viewed in 2000 at Grace Cathedral, San Francisco, California USA. They have the streamers up this year, too. A critic might not like this as a poem, but here it is as I wrote it in 2000.

Following the poem are some notes about it, a sort of correspondence from that time when it appeared first on The Atlantic Monthly Writer's Workshop.

Colored streamers move in the wind
by Peter Menkin (2000)

The upon came incessant, gentle as breeze, light,
waving banners narrow,
these colored streamersf

anned the man of God
during the light resting
upon worshippers who through
hymn song, prayer lips kissing

with raised arms uplifted,
expectations of goodness
acknowledged as a greeting
to Sunday. Cross of giving

love does ascede to ascetic
requests when presented
before an urban multitude.
So his did so with humble

acceptance of divine will,
wounded in love to so join
the dance the spirit brought
upon the souls assembled.

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