Friday, August 04, 2006

Hearing read readings from the New Testament, "The melody of the Bible..."

For many years I have enjoyed and learned from hearing read and reading the New Testament. My Bible is "The New Oxford Annotated Bible" New Standard Revised Version. I also hear the Bible on Sunday when I attend Sunday worship services. In the Church where I attend the Gospel is read on Sunday by the Priest (minister), who usually reads in a manner that is proclamation. We have three readings usually.

The second is an Epistle. I look forward during Sunday worship to hear the Gospel and the Epistle. We also read from the Old Testament, but my poem for this post is about hearing the New Testament.

I think the Old Testament has much to teach us, and tells the history of man with God, or as some say, the history of God in human history. Liking the Old Testament, I wanted to include a mention of it so not to ignore the books.

This is a serious revised poem from the original.

The melody of the Bible...
by Peter Menkin

You cause my yearnings,
speakers so fluid as doves
lovely messengers, you bring
me to desire the Gospel
words that make

New Testament.
Desire to hear of Him,
those fruits given
with mercy, healing

in his blood,
"joy for all the members
in the sorrows of the Head."

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