Friday, August 04, 2006

Moses' face shone...a Poem about God and Man...

Many figures in the Bible have sought God. The more memorable of all is Moses, at least in this poem about the great friend to God. In a moment, I will post the poem, which is some years old--not so old, though. First, a short exchange that was posted on The Atlantic Monthly site when the poem was first given to be read. The exchange describes the poem and makes a humorous remark about wishing to visit with the infinite.

(This poem is...) A condensation of faith and belief. I wonder at 'visit' (in the text), but accept that you feel this to be true. If I were to admit to faith I would see it as my task to visit the infinite.

Thank you for your thoughtful note. I was thinking a visit would be just fine.

Words seeking prayer
by Peter Menkin - Apr 26, 2002

Moses’ face shone
when he met with God
on the mountain.
Inner light, transforming
vastness of history,
you God love us.

The I AM.
Come visit us with your
immensity and allow
us the work of prayer
to speak with
and know you, too.

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