Friday, August 04, 2006

"Sleep, invited each night with anticipation..."

Sleep, known and unknown petitions
by Peter Menkin

Sleep, invited each night with anticipation.
Lull during the hours to instill a deeper
punctuated with early times of prayer,
for refreshment. Often awakened through force,

intruded by darkness, an intensly desired need
after the setting sun--to avoid. May the dark night
of the soul pass, let the how desired is sleep, yes,
enter to gain marking rhythms as gathering

dreams in continuity with friends in known
and unknown petitions. Sleep,
an entryway to eternity:

as practical rest in this life revealed.
Come and chant the early night
to know the release recollection of life
may grant, then rest

more the often as sleep comforts mind
with balm we call to soothe.
Sleep, time to practice saying and knowing
in deep memory, down beyond conscious awake
among primal places being primitive and entered.

Rest, come to me to allow the self
to rest in thee.

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This older poem, from 2000, has been revised. The object of the revision is to make it more clear. The subject is sleep and prayer: "Rest, come to me to allow the self/to rest in thee." This refers to resting in God--specifically, Christ. I hope you will like this effort of mine, and find resonance in it, if for anything the way that it tells of preparation for sleep.

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