Friday, August 11, 2006

My friend's Guide Dog is retiring: a poem-like statement called "Poem about a Dog"...

Jan has a Guide Dog that is now 11-1/2 years old; time for retirement for Christmas, the dog. This is a poem about the Guide Dog, but more a poem-like statement. I am sure there are better poem type poems, though I think you as a reader of this blog will enjoy this one.

Jan gets a new dog this weekend, a young one about 22 months. Guide Dogs for the Blind is located on their campus in San Rafael, California. That is North of San Francisco across the Golden Gate Bridge. To get a dog, one must apply, successfully go through their training, which is three weeks on campus. This training includes, sleep, eat, train, get used to knowing the new dog. One lives on campus for the training period. This time is the beginning of a human and animal bond.

I think this poem acceptable for a young girl or boy.

Poem about a dog...
by Peter Menkin

There seems to be no way
to describe "Christmas"the dog
without taking a child's wonder
at this blind woman's friend.

With her, "Christmas" the Labrador,
Jan can go many places
bravely.The two clip along at three miles
an hour. That is good walking speed.

What a wonderful help this friendly,
kind dog has been
these eleven years. We give
thanks for her service
and companionship. Good
dog "Christmas."

She is loved by Jan, her mistress,
for she is a help and a companion;
good at crossing streets, and walking stairs.
Some animals are special to mankind,
and this is a special dog and friend
for many years.

Soon "Christmas" will retire,
to Carol's house, where she is loved.
Guide Dogs for the Blind
will lead Jan to another canine friend.
What a loss for "Christmas" to go,
but a new friend to come.

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