Friday, August 04, 2006

Here is a statement, as a poem, about size and mystery...

Welcome to this statement about God, his immensity and the largeness of his creation. The poem is from 2001 and an overlooked poem by me. I discovered it recently among my collection of older poems, which I had written. So liking it, here it is to be shared and hopefully appreciated.

The poem identifies in a round about way how I am a seeker and wanter of promise divine.

Seeker and doubter, wanter of Promise divine...
by Peter Menkin

This continent
seas arriveas bearers
and takers.

We celebratethe earth.
Water springs
from pools deeply
hidden, refreshing
mortal companionship
with divinesimplicity.

Born, lived under,
died to be given
by the hand of God
a suspenseful dedication
in voice heard with promise:

they will never perish
sweet allowance, forgiveness
immortal. Wondering
may we live in, within
your presence. Spirit come.

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