Sunday, April 19, 2009

Embrace of God

by Peter Menkin
Apr 24, 2006

The heart yearns,
wishes for warmth, finds opening
to the Lord. A deeper thing
like the blood that courses through the body

this divine love sustains life.
In the secret of the self, within the psyche,
we yearn for knowledge with self recognition
of existence, Christ does feed us.

The beyond
calls; mankind discovers something uniquely

greater than the mysteries that Intrigue senses and thoughts.
Easter reveals to us this greater than,
this renewal of the good, exploding with eternal might

there is love greater everlastinggift unforgettable recognized with prayer.
With a knowledge of expanded eternity beyond
the measure of imagination--the gasp of surrender.
Promise that tells us God
Embraces the spirit of mankind.

Image: Painting by Camaldoli Priest and monk Father
Arthur, "Radiant Light:"

Camaldolese, Benedictine monk Father Arthur Poulin paints contemplative works, as he describes them. These shown here are selected from his many paintings.
Father Arthur lives and works at Incarnation Monastery, Berkeley,
CA USA--study house of Camaldolese monks located near the Graduate Theological Union, and University of California's North Gate.
This description of his paintings, from I. wolk Gallery in St. Helena, California USA:
Father Poulin's paintings have been acquired extensively by people here inthe US and abroad. Many of his commissioned works hang in churches here in California.

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