Monday, November 27, 2006

Ninth Commandment: One thing that is What happened to Christ...

False witnesses came forward to testify against Christ. This was deliberate, and the Ninth Commandment speaks to the deliberateness of the act. One must willingly break the Commandment. Pedagogical, as instructive, these lessons are more than lessons, but a way for man to live with man so humankind will be better both for humankind and for God.
The Ninth Commandment: Bear False Witness...
by Peter Menkin

Who cares?
Doesn't matter.

Evil happens.
Evil is separation, misbegotten lies
tearing one from neighbor.

Misplaced words.
All these things
happen when one bears false witness against
one's neighbor.

It is an awful thing
to say he did it,
when not at all.

God allows man to fail,
to do evil.

How can there be a God,
if man does these things?

The falsely accused
face injustice,
and cry.

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