Saturday, November 18, 2006

The Eighth Commandment: You shall not steal...

Here is a poem on the Eighth Commandment. It is a severe commandment like all Ten, that God has indicated what man must avoid. In this poem, I outline the criminality of theft, a common approach to one of God's commandments.

The Eighth Commandment: Theft...
By Peter Menkin

Robbery, theft, pilfering,
embezzlement, extortion--the list goes on of theft.

Ask the warden what it is
that brought the man to take what was anothers.

Something in the heart, the mind,
and many think
spirit. Man disobeys God.
Turned away.

You shall not steal,
the Eighth Commandment claims.
The word from God, again.

Who has ears for the words of God?
How come hearts remain unmoved?
This evil theft remains.

God desires we follow Him.
God requests"hear."
Listen, man and woman
to the word. Even to obey.

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