Thursday, November 30, 2006

Coveting--The Tenth Commandment...

Thank you for going through this series on the Ten Commandments. This is a first attempt at this series, and I hope it has been interesting.

The Tenth Commandment: Coveting

by Peter Menkin

The other has it.

We want his wife, as David did his neighbor's.

We want his house, so big. Ours is not enough.

As the man with the field he coveted.

Driven by desires --misplaced,

man and woman covet:

neighbor's wife, his servant, his maid, his ox, his ass.

You shall not covet,

the Tenth Commandment says,

for it makes ill of man.

We fall. Uphold us.

Have mercy upon us, O Lord.

Write these laws in our hearts.

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