Thursday, October 05, 2006

I had a dream about getting older, and mostly about being young...

Once in a while my dreams are vivid, and I can remember them. Now I am older, not too old, but still youth is gone at my age. I dreamt about youth, and I thought about God, and I remembered and looked towards life everlasting. A poem.

An event of getting older
By Peter Menkin

The surprising thing about
the abrupt recognizeable
landmarks of our lives comes
with speed; please quicken me
to fulfill, enriching for all
around me. I recall the dream--

my youth speaks: youth, your moments
remain in a comraderie. Remain
remain, oh, friendship with
which I sleep fill me in good.

About this I talk with God, He
absorbs me with an embrace
and I know You Christ are wisdom timeless.

In a dream there comes an angel.
Behold, an angel of the Lord: say yes.
This is on the bones, in marrow
by grace the beauty brings
memorable tidings of youth,
gifts of life.

Alas, grasping this promise of time
brings me to know resurrection is sure.
I wanted it, this youth, to last forever.
My mind declares, I know there is more.

Here, let us receive the bounded
and unbounded changes of another birth.
Renewal is the season, electric. Stay
awake for we know not when. Soon.
See you there then, again. Singing.

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