Thursday, September 28, 2006

A prayer, a poem, a recitation about sanctifying be with God...

I have liked this poem from the time I wrote it some years ago. It is posted on my website . Usually, I stick with poems that are newer or at least not on the website. Yet I liked this one so much at this time of year in Pentecost that I am posting it here. Note that it was originally written in March, from my notes at a Study House in Berkeley, California, Incarnation Monastery. Some how, this year it fits here as we continue in the season.

I hope it will speak to you as it has spoken to me, and some others who have read the poem. You can tell that I like it very much. I do not always like my own poems "very much." It is something I endeavor to find when writing these, that they will continue to speak some time after conception and writing.

Notes from the study house in March, No. 3 (2001)
by Peter Menkin

In God of God,
beginning with the mnemonic--with Christ
beside others.
Around the Abba.The Alpha.

Tree of the Cross,
giving voice to yearning
within. The returning
of intention to be
with God the whole day.

The master says,
"not to be habitually forgetful,"
prayer of aspiration!
Help me in this God.

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