Wednesday, October 11, 2006

What the spirit of Church does: transformation, move to humility...

This more recent poem describes humility, an experience and outcome of Church. I have thought about what Church means to me, and also what I mean to Church. Not so much in the greater sense of the entire Church, but how my Church I attend has brought the experience and teaching to me in the spiritual sense. This as a part of the larger Church, which indicates some truths about the engagement and its relationship.

I hope this isn't too heady a way of discussing the subject. The poem is more direct and simple.

The hope humility brings…
By Peter Menkin

Humility born of Communion;
As the day goes,
Goes the work of knowing
God. Sunday is a time of celebration
And coming back to the Lord.

Coming back, to the self.
All day, wait on the love,
Recognizing relationship--
Self to man, self to others,
To the self with God.

This newness brings hope,
Where one embraces
Hope, the soul is fed
By this God who changes not.
Creation is.

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