Tuesday, October 17, 2006

One of a series on the Ten Commandments, this poem tells of the Fifth...

A few summer's ago I spent time reading about the Ten Commandments, books about it (about five). It was a summer project, probably done the summer of 2002. One result was a series of ten poems about the Commandments, all with a similar tone. I post this poem, part of the series, not because it has an instructional nature, but in the interest of recognizing all ten Commandments. I was not able to find a way to deal with the subject without being serious, and certainly was unable to remove some of the tone the Commandment offers as a lesson from God Almighty. I hope I have done the word of God justice.

Poem on the Fifth Commandment...(revise)
by Peter Menkin

We ponder wisdom.
God is on the childrens' side.
Hold my soul dear.
We are children
all our lives

to parents, and as adults;
God gives
good advice:
Honor thy father and mother

.Our mutual gifts embrace.
God's wisdom, man's
understanding of living.

Do good, honor God,
live in the land,
seek happiness.

The path to friendship
with the Lord is written.
as in hold dear,

special: remembrance
and inner conversation.
In mind and memory.
Ancient of words.

Moses was a special man, friend of God,
for he brought this simple
lessonfrom a mountain

hidden by cloud.
This is the presence
of God, for which we yearn.
Available to us in Ten Commandments,
a way of examining our lives.

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