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Megachurch New Life preaches 'Speaking in Tongues' during its Supernatural series
by Peter Menkin

God is not looking for someone to become a robot or fall into a trance.
Tongues is a sign of growing in God.
--Pastor Brady Boyd

Mark 16 tells us new languages, speaking in tongues, will drive out demons; also, Jesus did not speak in tongues-- according to Pastor Brady of New Life Church during his megachurch’s “Supernatural Week.” He goes on and exhorts his members to help lost people come to Jesus. He exhorts his 12,000 members to speak a language they never learned to help people come to Christ. He explains, for those from America’s State of Kentucky, this Church does not work with snakes. People in New Life do
learn a charismatic way, speaking in tongues. He does proclaim thatat the first Church service, “everyone there spoke in tongues when they were Baptized.”

New Life seeks the numinous, the ecstatic, the beautiful. His Sermon given standing before the congregation in jeans, titled, “Tongues and Interpretation of Tongues,” sermon by Brady Boyd (The Supernatural) on video is here.

He starts out this American traditional practice of “speaking in tongues” by telling what tongues is about and isn’t about: Tongues are a normal part of our existence; It is for our charismatic friends; Tongues is speaking in a spiritual language; He asks, Are tongues from the Devil; Tongues are, Praying in an unknown language from your spirit to God.

He tells everyone, We are from Colorado Springs, American. He explains, God is Spirit, We are spirit.

The World Wide Web describes the numinous, which is sought, as:

• evincing the presence of a deity; "a numinous wood"; "the most numinous moment
in the Mass"
• of or relating to or characteristic of a numen
• Numinous (from the Classical Latin
numen) is an English adjective describing the power or presence of a divinity.
• Related to a numen; indicating the
presence of a divinity; Awe-inspiring; evoking a sense of the transcendent,
mystical or sublime

This writer’s tradition in The Episcopal Church USA seeks and discovers “the beauty of holiness.” At Morning Prayer, many Episcopalians say, “Worship the Lord in the beauty of holiness: Come let us adore him.” So Senior Pastor Brady Boyd implores his flock to worship the Lord in the beauty of holiness, and has done so in this megachurch since 2007--and though not like the Episcopalian (“The frozen chosen,”) but as charismatics seeking the supernatural.

He says, “I want you to worship with your mind,” but “Tongues help you to personally communicate with God.”

The “Christian Post” article, “New Life Pastor Asks Christians to Speak in Tongues,” is found here, (New Life Church is found on the web here.) The report offers a look at the Supernatural week at New Life Church.

This writer’s experience with the numinous, a kind of ecstasy, was experienced ten or more years ago when commuting to San Francisco by Ferry Boat. At the time the writer was working for the American Television program, “The Judge Mathis Show” as a researcher. During the job, which lasted a few months, the early morning hour and trip across San Francisco Bay was numinous. This from my website:

Here is an excerpt that describes the ferry ride to San Francisco from where I live. How beautiful this ferry ride is to San Francisco from the Larkspur terminal...a joy for many in the early morning before 7:30.

“How I get to San Francisco is a pleasure: I go by ferry, and my trip to the courthouse there is walk, bus, ferry, bus. Here is what the ferry ride is like:
The approach into San Francisco is magnificent. One can begin to discern the skyline and buildings in the fog and mist about a mile out from the docking area at the San Francisco pier. The entire skyline is a white against the white fog sky. This makes it appear to come to the eye as if through a magical appearance.

First there is the mist and the fog, and then the eye catches a glimpse of some-thing solid, or large and quite lovely behind and within the cloud. The shapes start to appear, and the patterns on the buildings themselves become apparent. The shades of the structures, their lighter or darker contrasting colors against the light morning mist of fog becomes a transformation of a visible glory that is just a small city, somehow reachable very soon across the water.

God is residing in the morning light of the new day, bringing a hope to man’s edifice by painterly scene and the dawn of the day. I do enjoy this approach by water in the early morning as the ferry brings us all to our civil destination in safety and comfort. It is a thankful trip, and a peaceful one.”

The New Life church experience, as described in the “Christian Post” article by Audrey Barrick , says of Pastor Brady Boyd,

He has many friends who disagree with him on the subject [speaking in
tongues]. But for Boyd, speaking in tongues – known to some as a private prayer
language – is nothing out of the ordinary. Every church he attended while
growing up he saw the demonstration of tongues, he said.

"I thought everybody had that at birth because of the way I grew
up," he told the New Life congregation.

He himself couldn't imagine being without it. Pointing out
that pastoring a church is tough, he said he would not survive long-term at New
Life if he didn’t pray in tongues – which gives him "amazing strength."

One comment on the article demonstrates strength of conviction, and mirrors a regard the Pastor’s exhortation requests and offers:

Acts 2: 6-11 explains that the Holy Ghost caused all the different Nationalities that were there to hear in their own languages, the disciples weren’t all speaking different languages, they were speaking as the spirit gave the utterance and God allowed the hearer to understand what was no matter the difference. God as Pastor Boyd said is still God and can do the same today. The Holy Ghost is according to scripture given to as many as obey.

This was commented by, darrellm2005 .

Addendum from, USA Today report:
“Brady Boyd encouraged his Colorado Springs congregation [New Life church] and reminded them of their ‘holy tenacity,’ two days after revelations that a male church volunteer reported having a sexual relationship with Haggard.

“It's the second such claim against the founder of the 14,000-member New Life Church. Haggard resigned as president of the 30 million-member National Association of Evangelicals and was fired from the New Life Church in Colorado Springs, in November 2006 amid allegations that he paid a male prostitute for sex and used methamphetamine.”

Images: (1) Senior Pastor Brady Boyd, New Life Church; (2) Senior Pastor Brady Boyd, By Jerilee Bennett, The Gazette via AP

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