Thursday, April 08, 2010

The courage to Pray--note on Easter prayer
by Peter Menkin

Searching for the words, the courage
to pray enters my life. Like an arrow,
the declaration of thanksgiving comes
and I say aloud, moving my lips:

Like promise, like heart song, like breath
that is in me--speak. My friend the monk
advises: speak. So trying short notes,
with courage of soul, speak I do.

The artist who painted the flowers, what I call tulips, has a name: Jerome Lawrence. Fortunately, this painting is in the Episcopal Church Visual Arts web page archives.Jerome Lawrence

Jerome Lawrence says: I find beauty in both subject and process. I bargain with artistic elements in varying intensity, variety, placement and proportion then shift within styles as if choosing colors or shapes.
Article from Carter Center on Jerome Lawrence's struggle and tulips

The fine art of Jerome Lawrence, website

Video with Jerome Lawrence and Mrs. Carter

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