Sunday, December 09, 2007

"Talking to the Muse, Conversations with the Holy Spirit I"

by Peter Menkin

My muse interrupted the reverie

this June day

with the tune, milieu-divine,

"Pennies from Heaven"

awakening event of syncopating glee. Communion.

Decca Jazz.

We live on this food: along the path

I find myself, bread & wine, fed by You.

It is a manna the Lord offers: a suitable meal --

traveling to liberty of soul in Triune God.

Manifold graces. Eucharist.

Piano plays, ratta-tat-honky-tonk swing,

refrain introduce jumpin' yes riddly-dit.

The horn blows responding, like Priests

out of 2 Chronicles. Swing it.

Dance music to Honeysuckle Rose

some hymn to intro, heaven-sent,

"Everytime it rains it rains pennies from heaven...

you'll find your fortune falling all over town."

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