Saturday, December 01, 2007

"Talking to the Muse, Conversations with the Holy Spirit II" (Count Basie)

by Peter Menkin

My muse interrupted the reverie

this June day with the tune, "Pennies from Heaven"

awakening syncopating glee. Count Basie.

Decca Jazz.

We live on this food: along the path

I find myself fed by You.

It is a manna the Lord offers: a suitable meal --

traveling to liberty of soul in Triune God.

Manifold graces.

Piano plays, ratta-tat-honky-tonk swing,

refrain introduce jumpin' yes riddly-dit.

The horn blows responding,

like Priests out of 2 Chronicles. Swing it.

Dance music to Honeysuckle Rose

some hymn to intro "Everytime it rains it rains pennies from heaven...

you'll find your fortune

falling all over town."

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