Saturday, June 09, 2007

Thou Shalt Not Steal: Ten Commandments

The Eighth Commandment, a poem, continues the series on The Ten Commandments. All Ten Commandments will be covered, a poem for each. This series is a revision of an earlier series posted on this blog.

Eighth Commandment
By Peter Menkin

Robbery, theft, pilfering,
embezzlement, extortion--the list goes on of theft.

Ask the warden what it is
that brought the man to take what was anothers.

Something in the heart, the mind,
and many think
spirit. Man disobeys God.
Turned away.

Who has ears for the words of God?

This is the Commandment as published in "The Book of Common Prayer."
Thou shalt not steal.
Found on page 318, the Decalogue is complete with all Ten Commandments. Some readers will discover that the order found here does not agree with the order they know. The order used by me is the same as given in "The Book of Common Prayer"

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