Friday, June 15, 2007

Fifth Commandment: Honor thy Father and Mother

More of the Ten Commandments: Each generation comes to peace with their father and mother, as if we are or were at war with them. Sometimes it seems that way during childhood and youth. Regardless, God has an opinion on the matter of what parents deserve in ones life.

Fifth Commandment
By Peter Menkin

We ponder wisdom. God

is on the childrens' side.

Hold my soul dear.

We are children all our lives-- to parents, and as adults;

God gives good advice:

Our mutual gifts embrace.

God's wisdom, man's understanding of living.

Do good, honor God, live in the land,

seek happiness. The path to friendship

with the Lord is written.

Special: remembrance and inner conversation.
Honor thy father and mother.

Moses was a special man, friend of God,

for he brought this simple lesson

from a mountain.

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