Thursday, March 22, 2007

Looking towards Holy Week: a statement on Love of God

What to label this poem, posted in time for Holy Week? The poem, written in 2001 is about reverence, Christ, and Love of God. In my Church we give one another The Peace of the Lord. Many people have known this peace. The love of Christ is like it, a special peace.

Prayer inviting quiet inner space...(2001)
by Peter Menkin

In desire for the Lord, I look
at my book of Year One now past to find
Saturday and I confess my notes O God,

in preparation for Sunday,

never failing providence I copied,
these words to speak with my lips:
I confess You, One God
ordereth all things both in heaven
and earth: good words to set ones
heart to pray we humbly beseech
thee to put away from us all hurtful
things and to give us those things

which are profitable for us. This
gift offers, let my words speak in praise
to request, beseeching and to give us
those things restoring us to life;
for we are like grass, and my love
a life-giving way undertaken reverently
to be mindful of You, through Jesus Christ
our Lord; to reflect on any quiet inner space
in which to listen to the Word, living
in communion and journeying on.

Let us never forget this presence so I shall
lest through carelessness fall away from
the love of God and cease listening
and reading to know the generosity of God
resplendent; in goodness as to add my
words to the innumerable and wonderful.

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