Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Two new Reviews: one a Rowan William’s book…

Where does this book begin? I find so many entry points, for the writer, Archbishop Rowan Williams, allows the reader to join in at many places. I will start from the beginning, the usual way of writing a book review. For me, there are many lessons as in the way to live more seriously in Christ. To live more seriously in the church and into "...the historical corporateness of its tradition..." with commitment. He the head of the Anglican Church, its worldwide communion, and the Church of England again provides a service in illuminating God-in-Christ. I do not mean to reduce this thoughtful and brilliant book to a series of sound bites. For it is a readable yet scholarly book, well thought out, and filled with the "Wound of Knowledge" as the title suggests.

This Christmas season I spent time reading this excellent collection of readable, intriguing Christmas stories. All tell of the promise of the season: Goodness, giving, even each a story of a miracle of a kind. The collection subtitled, "Stories for Young and Old" is an apt description of the 332 page paperback compiled by Miriam LeBlanc, illustrated by David G. Klein and published by Orbis Books, Maryknoll, New York. This book has the seal of approval of this reader, and here I quote from the note at the book's beginning written by Emmy Arnold. I think this is the right seal of approval in our contemporary America: "Even though Christmas is exploited for profit, even though its meaning is often corrupted, it is still the time of year that we feel the impulse to think of others. It is still the season of anticipation and joy. The brightness and fragrance of a Christmas tree under which gifts are laid--here is light and warmth; here is life and love."

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