Monday, January 22, 2007

An imperfect poem... Dare I Post It...Yes!

Usually I send my poems to friends so they can be my readers. One wrote back that I had not followed the form of "names" well enough, but they knew what I meant. I took that as enough license to allow this imperfect poem.

After three years of regular attendance, one could say they have heard all (most) of the Bible read aloud. Well, as you know probably, the Lectionary is chosen by members of the Clergy who have Gospel reasons for their selections. Some things are left out. What do you know? Yet, I am inspired by the inspirational attention that is given to the reading of the Bible in Church, and by the selections that are made.

Some people read these selections earlier in the week to prepare for the coming Sunday. In the Church I attend there is a Bible study every week to look at the selections. A lot of attention is paid to these readings, and so I hope I have communicated that I read the names in the Bible. This includes the long lists of names of family members, who begat whom.

Huston Smith, a famous theologian, gave a talk at Star King Chapel at the Graduate Theological Union some years ago and talked about how he loved the begats and the begats. I heard him speak.

The Names, Word of God...

by Peter Menkin

I waited on the names,

Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John.

Jeremiah, Isaiah.

I have read Isaiah,

and I must read him again.

So many chapters, he writes

The names of the books
are wonderful.

Have you read the names in the Bible?

The geneology, here

and there--such names!

Did you know that God

is alive in history?

Do you believe?

Is it faith that leads one?

Questions. So many

in this 21st Century;

even questions are familiar

entrance for the inspired words.

Dare one say, divine inspiration?

In Church, people

say, "The Word of the Lord."

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