Sunday, January 14, 2007

Poem about the illuminating reflection of Moonlight...

A poem comes along, it is written, and layed aside. My poem about the moon is such a poem. Can the reflected light of the moon represent or even be the illuminated light of Christ? I found it so one evening. This poem was written in 2000, then revised in 2004, now posted here on my blog. I grant it was written in September of that year 2000. Nonetheless, as a statement on moon gazing it is good for the Winter, 2007.

By the way, here where I live North of San Francisco across the Golden Gate Bridge the weather is cold. There was ice on the car window this morning as I went out to use the car to get to Church. We've been having some trouble with the heat at Church, but all is better now so the Church is warm. For a while there it was cold. In fact, at our Wednesday Communion we had to go into the library where there is electric heat because the Church itself was so cold. There are not a lot of us who attend Wednesday morning.
Suggested reading: "Two Worlds Are Ours: An Introduction to Christian Mysticism" by John Macquarrie. I am reading this currently. Another suggestion, but more a devotional book from 40 years ago and only available used: "An Anthology of Christian Devotion: Holy Communion" compiled by Massey H. Shepherd, Jr. Anglicans will like these titles.

The Moon's Reflection

by Peter Menkin

The moon's reflection

in dark sky, black

brings light. Silver

cast wrought wonder

as we man/woman reach

to see, our gaze upward

basking in celestial promise.

Come divine call, everlasting

light bringing good

that is luminescence.

Awaken us. We must receive

your beauty that gives.

Everlasting promise offered.

For your information, the flowers used to illustrate the posts on this blog were taken in Washington State by my brother Michael Menkin of Bellevue, Washington. Some were taken on the Microsoft Campus when he worked there. He used a digital camera for all.

News of being published: "Westward Quarterly," "Poet's Art," "Sacred Journey," "Shepherd," and "Ceremony" have or will publish poems they've selected. I am pleased to be published.

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