Sunday, December 17, 2006

Notice the Spirit of God, it is being awakened in us for Christmas...

Sometimes my poems are better, and sometimes they are not so good. That's how it goes with poetry. So is my experience. Here is a poem about Advent, written in the year 2001. My experience this third Sunday of Advent in Church was a different experience, yet similar. The Spirit was present today in our worship service of Lessons & Carols. And the Spirit was present in some readings I am doing for Advent. I am reading two books this season. Here I'll first mention the supplemental book.

Published by Morehouse, an Episcopal publishing house, the book titled "Run, Shepherds, Run" is by L. William Countryman. The subtitle is "Poems for Advent and Christmas." A dear friend bought me this book, one I did not know about, and I am grateful to her.

The main book I am reading is titled, "Watch for the Light: Readings for Advent and Christmas." It is a collection of different writers writing about this season. Published by Orbis, a Maryknoll house, I have found these helpful in giving me direction this season.

Here are some words from the hymn printed in the book of poems. The author is anonymous.

O come thou Wisdom from on high,/who orderest all things mightily;/to us the path of knowledge show,/and teach us in her ways to go.

My poem from 2001:

The Awakening Spirit...(2001)

by Peter Menkin

The vision on awakening

during morningtime, blue sky

white flower sky

painting tree

with creation reality.

This great experience

of the spirit;

the new life of incarnate God -- the Christ.

"I in them and they in me,

that they may be perfectly one."

Advent days; come Lord.

Winter light hours beckon.

The poinsettias red leaves.

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