Thursday, December 28, 2006

Bright morning star of Winter, it awakens me to Dawn...

There are few mornings when I am up from bed so early, as I was some years ago on a regular basis. My kinship to this experience of the Holy Spirit, and the stirring of neighbors is still with me, though this poem tells of an intense experience--religious. Christmas remains, and Epiphany is not so far away. I can say that I have seen a star in the sky so keen that it reminded me of the Magi and the star they followed. Of course, theirs was the brightest possible, and so large! I like to think that we can see a star that is a reminder of Christ. Happy New Year!

Early morning
by Peter Menkin (2000)

Startling reminder, ray point of light (star):
come winter daytime,
bring early morning to awaken anew before dawn, with life to arise.

Stretch pearl luster and harken

with children, young parents, neighbors,
and babies unborn asleep, resting in the womb

to come forth beginning.

The new day has intentions.

You Holy Spirit stir me, health and hopefulness restore.

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