Friday, December 15, 2006

Here is a good reason to go to Church -- to find God...

Lately, and by that I mean the last six months, I have been reworking poems. Here is one I workshopped on Blueline Poetry. My visits there have been helpful. This poem is about wanting God in one's life. More so, it says "yearning." Advent and Christmas are good seasons for finding God. We ask that the Lord Christ be born in our heart at Christmas. Advent is the preparation for the birth of Christ.

A Man finds he Yearns for God

by Peter Menkin

Shall I be personal about it.

I have begged the holy spirit:

Lead me in reading the Bible.

For my hope is in the Lord.

Nothing matches for me

this hope of knowing God.

I have implored the spirit of truth.

Reveal to me the Word

of God in the Bible.

I yearn, this is a man's truth.

To live the life--

The promise I want

to have this language in my heart,

in my mind, on my lips. This is an earnest need:

yearn. God chooses us first.

We go to his call.

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