Sunday, September 03, 2006

Poetic notes on the Rule of St. Benedict; an introduction...

For 12 years and more I have endeavored to follow the Rule of St. Benedict, a short text that says so much about man and living in relation to Christ. This is a Trinitarian God set forth in this little book. Here is a poetic note on the Prologue. My hope is that it praises God and praises the Rule.

Prologue of great Text of The Rule...
by Peter Menkin

Savoring the words of meaning
in The Rule is an offering
for understanding"...let us open
our eyes to the light...

"and come to know language--arise from asleep
that reaches across centuries--to listen.
Saint Benedict!

Awakening heart and mind, in His goodness
stirring the fear of God, King, Christ the Lord
through the words of "...this message of mine..."

notes the sloth
of disobedience is in us. Calls to ears that listen
"Run while you have the light..."

inviting all to the voice of the Lord;
call delightful, what is more?

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