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Peter Menkin comments on Polls about Homosexual Marriage as the subject appeared in an Article, "Attitudes move on Gay Marriage Question..."

Reprinted from Church of England Newspaper, London: 

Anglican attitudes move on gay marriage question 

(Please see Peter Menkin's comment below.)

ANGLICAN attitudes to same-sex marriage are changing as a new survey reveals that for the first time more Anglicans support it than oppose it.
The YouGov survey shows that 45 per cent are in favour of same-sex marriage compared to 37 per cent against.
That compares with the previous survey in 2013 that found 38 per cent in favour and 47 per cent opposed.
A breakdown of the figures reveals that all age groups, except those over the age of 55, are in favour, but even there the gap is narrowing. In 2013 58 per cent of that age group was opposed, but this has fallen to 44 per cent.
All of the other age groups support same-sex marriage by a large majority, and in the under-25 age group 79 per cent are in favour with just 11 opposed.
And there is a gender gap in the figures, with Anglican men over 55 being far more opposed than any other group. The study shows 62 per cent of them opposed while only 43 per cent of women in the same age group are against it.
Conversely, women under the age of 35 are far more in favour than men, by a margin of 12 per cent: 76 per cent compared to 64 per cent of men.
The poll was conducted earlier this month by YouGov, and sampled 6,276 British adults, including 1,523 of Anglicans living in England.
Church opinion is more opposed than in the general population where 56 per cent of respondents were in support, compared to 43 per cent of Anglicans.
Both groups showed increasing support for same-sex marriage compared to the previous poll in 2013.
General Synod member Jayne Ozanne, who commissioned the poll, said that the results posed a major challenge to the Church: “These figures confirm that the Church of England leadership is seriously out of step with its members, and even more so with society at large. Far more Anglicans now believe that same-sex marriage is right than those who think it is wrong.
“It is therefore vital that we recognise the challenge that this represents to us as a Church, particularly given that as the established Church we are called to minister and serve the whole nation.”
She added: “The Church now faces a major challenge to explain clearly to the nation just why it discriminates against people like me and others in the way that it does. What sort of “Good News” are we offering for those of us who want to get married, who believe it is right but find that the Church forbids it?
Commenting on the finding that Anglican males over the age of 55 were most likely to be opposed she said: “Unfortunately, this is exactly the profile of those in the senior positions of power and influence power within the Church.”

One Response to "Anglican attitudes move on gay marriage question"

  1.  Peter Menkin  04/02/2016 at 14:07
    The Church is not a voluntary body, it is a mystical body–as it has been said by others wiser and more spiritually mature than I. We do not truly “vote” on matters like is marriage for homosexual relationships this decade, but not next decade. Are we better Christians for its act in our Churches?
    The matter of homosexuality as good is not decided or helped in decision by considering it as a popularity contest. No one is running for President in any part of a Bible, let alone bringing understanding of what Marriage of man and woman is about, to say it in an American way. Are you reading my drift?
    CBS News isn’t taking a poll as means of theological truth for Christians on what it is that we as Anglicans come to as faith, or how God is in one as man or one of faith or let alone among us. Mystery of this nature is not suitable for polling.
    Enough said on polls in particular as aid to faith in the Anglican Church, let alone truth.
    The question becomes then, why this “news” story. What is the news, other than nonsense for people of faith in the Anglican Church; to my way of reading.
    This story and its appearance on these pages succeeds to confuse and mislead, disturb and mislead us even more in difficult times of spiritual and religious distress. It is more than unworthy, it contributes to the problem and adds to our despair during these terrible times of recognizable schism in the Anglican Communion and its individual Churches of Homosexual Marriage, an evil that in my opinion that is causing us to meditate on Homosexuality and taking us from Christ and Church.
    This is not a true contemplative activity as I understand it or have understood it. Contemplating on Homosexuality does not lead to unity with God. Taking a Poll on the matter is not of value and is silly in that area, too. Let us each turn to individual prayer as we are able, and to corporate prayer as we may be led and can believe in faith.
This homily added from Peter Menkin's YouTube page, upload July, 2009 to YouTube. It did not appear on the original comment, Church of England Newspaper, London.

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