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"Episcopal Church sanctioned by Primates’ Meeting"
Reprinted from Church of England Newspaper, London

LIBERALS have been sanctioned by the Primates’ meeting in Canterbury in the ongoing row over homosexuality.

After part of the final communiqué was leaked the Primates’ Meeting organizers revealed that the Episcopal Church will face sanctions for its support for gay marriage.

This will mean that for a period of three years The Episcopal Church “no longer represent us on ecumenical and interfaith bodies, should not be appointed or elected to an internal standing committee and that while participating in the internal bodies of the Anglican Communion, they will not take part in decision making on any issues pertaining to doctrine or polity”.

The statement said that they were acting because a change in the Episcopal Church’s canon on marriage (removing the requirement that it be between a man and a woman) was a “fundamental departure from the faith and teaching” held by the ‘majority’ of Provinces.

“The traditional doctrine of the church in view of the teaching of Scripture upholds marriage as between a man and a woman in faithful, lifelong union. The majority of those gathered reaffirm this teaching,” the statement said.

However, a task group will be formed by the Archbishop of Canterbury with the aim of restoring “relationships, the rebuilding of mutual trust, healing the legacy of hurt, recognising the extent of our commonality and exploring our deep differences, ensuring they are held between us in the love and grace of Christ.”

Although the statement appears to avert a split, there were questions because the Archbishop of Uganda said he had withdrawn from the meeting at the end of the second day.

Archbishop Stanley Ntagali said: “It seemed that I was being manipulated into participating in a long meeting with the Episcopal Church USA and the Anglican Church of Canada without the necessary discipline being upheld.”

However, he added: “I have left the meeting in Canterbury, but I want to make it clear that we are not leaving the Anglican Communion.”

The development sparked controversial reactions. Jayne Ozanne, who last weekend had organised an open letter calling on the Primates to apologise to gay Christians for the treatment they had received, said she was “deeply shocked” at the sanction.

She said the statement claims that ‘there is neither victor nor vanquished’. “This is false. Those whose lives will be most impacted are our LGBTI brothers and sisters around the world, of which the statement makes no mention. It is as if we do not even exist.”

She said that her letter, which was delivered to the Primates with over 100 signatures, now has over 4,500 signatures.

“There is no acknowledgement of the deep pain these decisions will cause, nor any concern for the pastoral care of LGBTI Christians,” she said.

As a result she predicted that gay Christians “will now perceive the Church as an oppressor rather than as a place of healing and grace. Lord have mercy on us.”

Chris Bryant, the Labour MP who is a gay Christian, was exasperated by the Primates’ decision and Tweeted: “I’ve finally given up on Anglican church today after its love-empty decision on sexuality. One day it will seem wrong as supporting slavery.”

But the sanctions were not satisfactory to Gafcon either. Peter Jensen, the former Archbishop of Sydney who is the general secretary of the movement said it was “inadequate.”

“It’s a good statement because it represents very, very clearly… that there is a widespread global disquiet with what has happened in the United States and in Canada and is happening elsewhere in the West.

“This represents something of a warning to Liberal-thinking Christians everywhere.”
Although The Episcopal Church was sanctioned, there was no mention in the Primates’ statement about the Anglican Church of Canada.

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    Peter Menkin   22/01/2016 at 07:54        
  2. It seems to me that people quoted and commenting on the Sanctions in this story think the Sanctions are about being Homosexual. A story I am following tells me the Sanctions are about marriage in the American Episcopal Church, and its Prayer Book says marriage is between a man and woman. Significantly, that is what the 82 million Anglican Communion believes. American Episcopalians do not believe marriage is really between a man and a woman.
    I am finding they will not say so to me when as a journalist writing for Church of England Newspaper, London, for this is a quote from a Senior Law Partner who attends an Episcopal Parish in San Francisco’s Bay Area, and in a kind of rant told me off one day saying how marriage was okay in the Homosexual Way in the Parish he attended– and was a Vestryman.
    Regarding the recent actions by the Communion, he said nothing to me. It is like he and others take the wine and wafer but it doesn’t occur to any who do that they are in Communion with people other than their fellow friends who are Parishioners or go to their Country Club.
    I just received this note via email from him January 20, 2015, Thursday at my desk, which is in my apartment 6 miles north of San Francisco. His office is in deluxe quarters I would guess, in San Francisco. His carefully crafted note, that shows he lacks the Courage of His Convictions, if one asks me. It is clear he doesn’t like me, and especially questions about the Sanctions, and especially the subject of Homosexual Marriages in the Parish he attends and outside it where his own Rector Officiates.


To be clear: (1) I do not recall discussing my private views regarding what you term “homosexual marriage” with you and to the best of my recollection the subject never was discussed in Vestry meetings when I was on the Vestry;

(2) I do not wish to discuss my private views regarding this subject – with which you evidently have a fixation – with you in this or any other “forum”;

(3) You do NOT have my permission to attribute views to me on this or any other subject, as I am not (nor do I wish to become) a public figure (i.e., I value my privacy); and

(4) I will not respond to any further correspondence from you on this or any other subject; to ensure this, I am adding you to my “blocked senders” list, so please do not take my silence from this point forward as acquiescence in whatever else you may send my way, as I will be both unwilling and (if the technology works) unable to read it.

I bear you no ill will, but simply do not wish to be “involved” in any way in your correspondence/campaign, whatever it is.

Peace be with you.


The matter at hand is not about Homosexuality, but more about Homosexual Marriage in the
American Episcopal Church where it is endorsed and given an enthusiastic send off in Northern California. But especially it is a near beloved part of God’s gift to the Church and man in San Francisco’s Bay Area! Put directly, Homosexual Marriage in the Episcopal Church is God talking to man, not man battling or asking God of something special that getting is an impossibility

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