Sunday, December 06, 2009

November Season
By Peter Menkin

Mary was a lovely girl, serene; so given to an open heart,
Friend of God like Abraham, seminal archetype welcoming

The Holy Ghost. What comes here November time? Pentecost
Days of spirits and united souls, saints in heaven and memories
Of the dead. “Where sorrow and pain are no more.”
Mystical Holy Ghost.

Steadfast, “mystical body of thy son,” what is the light that shines
Perpetual, for You do support us all the day long.

In mercy we wait, we pray, we believe Holy Ghost:
Mary was a lovely girl, devout and promising woman of sorrows
And joys.

Pentecost, how the Spirit did lead her to obedience
By invitation of an angel of God. Mystical Holy Ghost.

What Spirit is this that leads her to “…the glorious company of apostles…”
we pray in glory everlasting for all souls bask in that light,
Renewing even the spirit of our minds, the Prayer book says.

Mary was a lovely girl, serene, so we turn to her life of joyful service--
Pentecost. In the heavens and on earth, just a phrase that speaks
Of memory where lives eternal lives the wonderfully created, renewed dignity of human nature.

Is this not a cross? The Dead, gone. Remembered this November
Season of reflection and changing season. Follow Him.

Mary was a lovely girl,
And in her joy she has done so, follow him,
now in the company of all the Saints and Apostles.

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