Friday, December 18, 2009

Advent to Christmas: Waiting
By Peter Menkin
December 13, 2009

How the season turns in the day, in the continued
And continuing holiday--for the birth
Of our Saviour. What to do, but wait on the Lord.

No tree yet, for Advent three is tomorrow
Tomorrow, a tree—but not real,
Facsimile, model green foot high
Christmas tree.

Reminder of the season,
Season of kindness, hope,
Thanks be to God.

A small sculpture in angles
This tree. Symbol of evergreen,
It is a pleasure to see you again.

Waiting for the newness in the winter,
In the dark as days turn more towards the light,
And the California cold with rain
Tells of the weatherman’s prediction:
Grey sky, clouds--let the brightness
Of the season with its cheer leave us
In joy and remembrance
As we think of others.

Let us remember the hope
The birth of Christ means,
Renewal and New Testament of
Gospel pleasures and comfort.

Tree, slim and modern of the 21st century
Likeness of the living reality, we know
Christ will come. Awaken.

Poem or prayer, this journey of Christmas,
This series of still words in the calm of the
Brings serene knowledge of quiet
Expectation. Awaken.

Celebration in patience is the hallmark this
Year, in the cold late night awakening
Of the truth remarkable, the new Christmas,
Again, this time of the year, hallowed days
Of the expectant waiting on the Saviour

This is a work in progress.

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