Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Summer weather ballyhoo rejoice heat wave
by Peter Menkin

Hot comes the days,
to languor
and avoid the warm; wait

evening after sunset
hour of cool; summer sends
messages with earlier sunset,

darker morning, laze to late
wakening and night good
with Sunday that special time.

Come festive days, wanted weather.
Straw hats, suits, shorts, lace
gown, khakis; costumed for roller
skating go the mother-daughter duo,

costumed things grown up growing.
And there the grandmother sachet for
granddaughter from the ice cream
store where flavors abide (many).

Do, yes, heat wave people talk,
eat ice cream (cones and Sundays)
yogurt, while children delight

heat wave, hot, warm today.
Two Christenings, (three months and
four years) twenty years later
dialogue of pulpits in one sermon;

many rejoinders of September
heat wave; coolness desired must.
What a good report this weather
brings in blazing ballyhoo rejoice.

Audio reading by poet is here:

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