Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Reflection on Wellspring
A poem
By Peter Menkin
Revised February 14, 2009

We reflect in words.

The colors of the room
where we go to reflect
are present to the bright
morning time, windows clear to day
letting in much light and largeness
that the privacy of the heart
is awake, more so.
How we are in slumber is noticed during awakening,
and being more alive in the eternal
we grasp time together.

These times allow us with God, to come, go
with knowledge; we are passing through,
journeying with what is given.
That is the renewing sigh of gift.

The season is changing as we come to the end of Pentecost, knowing the
risen Lord.
New living members grow
among the spirit's times, we in quiet pray:
present growing light,
illumine us.
We are in these bodies that are
flesh of man and woman as before time itself;
we know the ancient, and feel our humanity.

Audio reading by poet is here:

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