Thursday, April 16, 2009

Finding Myself in Brethren, in Lent 2000
poem by Peter Menkin

Where my self-forgettingLove is hid,
I know
In my clinging to the Christ,

In the cleft of the rock
I am unto you all hearts
Are open, no secrets hid.
I fathom on in my mortal
Weakness seeking the heart
Again to witness my faith
Knowing you are all--a Word.

New life is granted us, the me
Of being in the following--
The master to the body

that is him, incarnate,
heavenly Church.

Forgive my wretched masks, my
Deceptions, my strengths of
Bone, pride, and many wishes.

Complete me in prayer, and as
A swift arrow, hear me, Lord.
My life; I come.

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