Friday, February 29, 2008

Easter Sweetness: A Poem

by Peter Menkin

(I have wondered on this poem, considering how sweet it is and how much like an icon of Mary, or a painting of Christ being brought down from the Cross. Sweet it is, and I hope the sweetness of it is something you as reader will find a strength.)

To delight in the Paradise

of Easter; it is the Lord's.

The Christ!


Oh, speak in the night, a conversation

of the spirit, a complaint, a plea.

It is the Lord’s will, a renewal

For humankind. Celebrate in the fullness

Of living.

Do so in the Church at prayer,

Meditating on the day, ones failings,

Surprises—opening to God.

So one speaks, listens, waits

And lives in the knowledge of Easter,

Its seasonal presence. This divine gift.

So may we rest in thee, in aloneness.

We rest in thee, together our love in emotion and soul

binds us joyfully -- thank you

for the morrow in the bringing

of the quickening spirit, a

millennium of blessings in color,

in shadow, in light, early morning.

There is God, our beloved

He calls us.

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