Monday, May 14, 2007

Desire for God: a Poem with Passion

I attended a Bible study at an acquaintance's home, and there were about six of us there. I learned people come to Christ many ways. This seems a cliche, but my eyes were opened to the sincerity of my new friends. I found others who had a like mind in their desire for God. In this poem I write as a mainstream Christian of my passion. Call this need and desire.

Grace, Affection...

by Peter Menkin

This yearning need, by grace is affection
treasured, acceptance satisfying.
I am a man of faults.
You enlarge my heart by presence,
moving me to accept the other.

The other. You Almighty are other.
Each day prayers are offered, and study goes on:
reading books on spiritual matters.

It is the prayer that helps, mostly.
The books instruct, in so many ways.
The connection is living the life in the Way.

Struggle sometimes to be friend to neighbor;
love brings me strength and a wisdom,
offering a perfection. You are love,
known. I lift up my heart to You.

I open my heart to you. I wait.
Silence. You are love, unknown.
Now I must hush. I must hush.

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