Saturday, May 05, 2007

About a relationship with God

Here is an older poem, revised recently. It is about the morning. A friend recently asked, "How is your morning going?" Her question is a good one, and it started me thinking that there are many parts to my morning. I like to think it is mostly like the poem. Mostly, it is. In each of the seasons I have the company of God. This is comforting. "...(I)t is all too easy to concentrate on the human struggle..., and forget the primary role of God in all of this. What is more, all the way with God is with God," writes Terrence G. Kardong in "Benedict's Rule: A Translation and Commentary."
I have quoted the monk Kardong with a hand to address the relationship with God within the spirit of "with God's protection" from RB 73: That the Whole Fulfillment of Justice is not Laid Down in this Rule. Though my practice can be ascetical, to a small extent, his quotation is meant to address the larger practices. I think it fits, nonetheless.

Early morning (2000) (revise)...
Peter Menkin

Startling reminder, ray point of light (star):

come winter daytime,

bring early morning to awaken anew before

dawn, with life to arise.

Stretch pearl luster

and harken with children,

young parents, neighbors,

and babies unborn asleep,

resting in the womb

to come forth beginning.

The new day has intentions.

You Holy Spirit stir me,

health and hopefulness restore.

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