Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Sunrise by Henry Worthy, Obl Cam OSB, London
The Courage to Pray Easter Prayers

By Peter Menkin

Searching for the words, the courage

to pray enters my life. Like an arrow,

the declaration of thanksgiving comes

and I say aloud, moving my lips:

Like promise, like heart song, like breath

that is in me--speak. My friend the monk

advises: speak. So trying short notes,

with courage of soul, speak I do.

There is just the two of us; so I believe:

God in Christ, Holy Spirit, for it is courage

brought to the self through the grace of God,

I pray. Like an arrow, the words go heavenward.

Leaving your Mark, photo by Rick White, Mill Valley, CA


your brother said...

Thank you for your beautiful song of prayer!

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