Friday, May 29, 2009

The Unusual One Seeking
By Peter Menkin

Make a prayer
on morning daystar.
Make a prayer
on the nightstar.

to the Lord.

Seek the Trinity,
celestial sense.
Large, encompassing
greater than the sky
and nebula beyond
into galaxies.

Like the deer
that yearns.

So went his
thoughts, feelings,

An unusual one,
reading his books on God,
and stretching out his spirit
at Church. This young man

came every Sunday.
Saying, is it so

to want the Lord,
to know Him
in the Eucharist,

that I am a man
and mortal; so it shall take
all my life living
in the spirit and knowledge
of the maker.

Two photos by Hubble telescope.

Audio reading of poem by poet is here:

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