Saturday, September 27, 2008

At the Monastery on Sunday,
Big Sur, California USA
by Peter Menkin

In the now
of time,
many worshipers
come Sunday
to the Church.

The monks in choir,
singing to God,
and the people
listen, some
speaking the words
in song, too.

Communion comes
to this mountain
where people say God
is present.

I think so, for you
can feel the presence,
and know what years
of prayer and devotion
will do
to a place.

The Pilgrims here
are moved, and the
unusual is made
conscious, for we
are not always
of a mind
to be attentive.

The Spirit is strong
this Pentecost.
Wait to discover
what it means;
convincing Spirit,
Holy Spirit allowing
us to enter into

Notes on photo: Rick White, Mill Valley, CA USA titled Wildflower # 13, "Mandala" taken in Arcata, California at his daughter's Wild Chick Farm, an organic chicken raising farm. This photo from one of the meadows.

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