Thursday, June 12, 2008

One of my "older" poems,

this about contemplative prayer is about my third floor apartment in Mill Valley. I moved to another, larger apartment on that same third floor about three years ago. I still have the views. I still practice contemplative prayer. I still believe that there is an element of movement of God towards we humans, and we humans towards God.

As individuals one seeks God, and God makes Himself available. I think you'll find, reader, that the poem below has many sides to it and a few dimensions. A work revised this year 2008, I hope you like it, and I look for comments. With thanks.

Apartment on the Third Floor
by Peter Menkin

This apartment, top,
third floor one among hawks
who build nests
has sun.

This room gets afternoon light;
morning, too, streams in creating

The hawks sit in the trees,
The world goes on, in steel complexity.

Warm, here just roof above,
and among the trees in company
of hawks who nest.

One hawk sits on a branch,
lit by engaging moments of sun;

spring newness amid the gray
manmade world that
impedes yet connects the eternal life.

Thank you morning through daylight
to night,
bright stars for a promise of goodness.

Witnessing the light.
I remark to you of divine moments.

We enter mansions heavenly,
just flesh and spirit.

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